Order of St Philip

I have also established and incorporated (Aug 21) The Order of St Philip, a new dispersed religious community of evangelists (weirdos like me) – think of the Franciscans or the Jesuits but the members are all evangelists.  I am in the process of applying to the ACNC to make it a charity as well as a religious order.

There is strong interest in The Order and I am working with a team of seasoned Australian Church Army Officers to design how The Order will operate. It has very similar objectives to Church Army and its unifying feature is primarily a Rule of Life; which is similar to a Code of Conduct but it is values-based and supports self-discipline that leads to effectiveness and longevity. The Rule of Life is only in draft form at this stage. I also need help building a smartphone app to enable self-reporting against the Rule of Life (a key activity that demonstrates membership of The Order)  

Disciples are loved by God and they love God, love others and make disciples.
Evangelists announce the Gospel, equip the Body of Christ and disciple evangelists.