a Fijian village library

A few years ago my friend Tomu Raiviu in Suva, Fiji, told me his vision to establish a library in his remote, rural village. He saw that the future of the children would be changed forever if they learnt to love reading and could borrow books to read at home. It would improve their schooling and their future careers. In 2017 my friend Mr Kim Smith introduced me to Library Aid International in Tasmania and they shipped to Tomu several boxes of carefully selected used children’s books. The village worked together to construct the library shelving and the local women became the librarians. Each Saturday the children gather enthusiastically in the library. A Kids Club has also started. The whole village teamed up to change the lives of their children and teenagers and succeeded. Well done and congratulations Tomu. (Tomu was the National Director for Youth for Christ Fiji and is now working with International Needs).

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  1. Ian Hubble says:

    We were very pleased to help with books and to receive this feedback. It makes our efforts worthwhile when we see books and educational resources helping improve educational outcomes and life opportunities.
    Ian Hubble
    Library Aid International Inc.

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