Bullets in Portland, Oregon

My friend Suli from Sierra Leone is studying in Portland and this weekend 150 bullets were shot into and around his building with one bullet zipping past him while he sat in his room studying the Bible on his computer. The bullet lodged in the wall behind him and he was shocked (bullets hit his car and other people). Other residents were also shocked. Kate, Robie and Tim, three evangelists from ETeamGlobal (we pray together with Suli every day on Zoom) went to the units and offered support to the residents and encouraged them with the Gospel. Many people welcomed them and their kindness. The 3 have been back again to support Suli and the residents and there is genuine interest in a weekly fellowship group or faith community forming in the block of units. God has turned Suli’s shock into an opportunity to start a new church among his neighbours for their benefit. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ.

Rev Dr Conrad Parsons

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